100 Sentences to China

( Learn to Speak Chinese )

The software 100 sentences to China is designed for the beginners to learn to speak Chinese, it contains 100 most practical daily Chinese sentences.
Here're some new features of the application:
1. All Chinese characters are phoneticized with the most well known International Phonetic Symbols.
2. Corresponding words and phrases in English and Chinese are highlighted with same color for comparison.
3. Click an English sentence to view and listen to the corresponding Chinese. Click a button to listen again.

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1. The trial period for unregistered software is 15 days or 20 minutes of total actual running time. When the trial period is over, the software will pop up a reminder message box, in which you can see an unique User ID for you.
2. Please run the trial version software and get your unique User ID on the computer on which you decide to use the software in future, for the registration is hardware locked, once your unique User ID is generated on the computer and the software is accordingly registered, you will not be able to move the software to another computer.
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4. The License Key for registration will be sent out in 1-2 work days to your email address which you used on your PayPal account. If you want it to be sent to another email address, you may note it in the message column during your payment on PayPal.

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