Shanghai Yunnanlu Gourmet Street

  Shanghai YunNanLu food street located near the Great World, which is a 215 meters long street, assembling about 25 various famous restaurants, including WuFangZhai(founded in 1858), HongChangXing(founded in 1891), Tak(founded in 1897), YanYunLou(founded in 1921), XianDeLai(founded in 1921), DaHuChun(founded in 1932), XiaoShaoXing(founded in 1943), XiaoJinLing(founded in 1943), etc. The street's architecture and the restaurants' service stands for Shanghai's local food culture.
Address: South Yunnan Road near YanAn Road and Jinling Road
Traffic: Metro Line 1, 2; Bus No.: 14, 17, 18, 49, 71, 537

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