48 Sentences to China
Version 1.0
(for S40 240x320, S40 320x240, S60 3rd Ed 240x320 handsets)

● Popular International Phonetic Symbols phoneticized.
● Corresponding words in English and Chinese highlighted.
● Click a button to let your handset read Chinese aloud.

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App Introduction

This application is for people who are strangers to Chinese language.

The application contains 48 Chinese sentences covering "Greetings", "Enquiries", "Conversation", "Shopping" and "Bargaining".

Taking advantage of this application, you will find learning Chinese easy and comfortable, and the application will also help you to communicate with Chinese people when you are travelling in China. However, if you intend to learn Chinese professionally, it is not recommended to use this application.

In order to make this application more practical, everyday Chinese and the sentences most possibly needed by foreigners are adopted.

All the Chinese characters have been appropriately phoneticized with popular International Phonetic Symbols. (You may find that all Chinese characters are single syllabled.) Additionally, four kinds of intonation symbols are used to indicate the particular Chinese cadence, which are for learners who want to pronounce Chinese more precisely. The symbol " ̄̄ " indicates a level tone, the symbol " ´ " indicates a rising tone, the symbol " ` " indicates a falling tone, and the symbol " ˇ " indicates an oblique tone (a first falling and then rising tone).

The corresponding parts in English and Chinese are highlighted with same color, usually they are of same or similar syntactical functions and meanings in context in both languages, this design aims to help you get familiar with the sentence structure, word meaning and word order of Chinese language. The substitutable parts in sentences are underlined, such as in sentences 07-09. The symbol "_" after a Chinese character indicates that this character together with the character(s) in the next line compose a Chinese word, they should not be separated.

You may let your handset speak Chinese for you to communicate with local people - Just click the words(sentence) you want to say, and your handset will audibly read them aloud in Chinese.

To start, scroll and click on a topic to expand it, and then scroll and click on a sentence, the corresponding Chinese sentence with International Phonetic Symbols will be displayed, accompanied with audio playing. Click the button with a golden horn to replay the audio speech.

Please make sure your loudspeaker or earphone has been turned on.
If you can't see the app's interface, just try refreshing your browser.

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