The former Yokohama Specie Bank Building and the Yangtze Insurance Company Building on the Bund

  The building on the left is No.24 on The Bund, formerly The Yokohama Specie Bank Building, a seven storeys building designed by Palmer & Turner Architects Limited and completed in 1924. This is an architecture with classical style, the underlying and peripheral parts were decorated with Ionic colonnade, the walls were granite-faced, and there were Ionic columns penetrating from two to five storeys. Both sides of the building were decorated with balconies and windows. The Greek cornice at the top of six storey echoes the building's facade style. This building is currently occupied by the Industrial & commercial Bank of China.

The building on the right is No.26 on The Bund, formerly the Yangtze Insurance Company Building, a seven storeys building with reinforced concrete structures and neoclassical style. It was designed by Palmer & Turner Architects Limited and completed in 1920. The underlying part was rough stone-faced and the three to five storeys were decorated with millstones. In the central part on six storey was an Ionic colonnade. Now the building is occupied by the Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch.

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