The Glen Line Building and Calyon Bank Building on the Bund

  The building on the left is No.28 on the Bund, formerly Yee Tai Building, now the Radio and TV Building, designed by Palmer & Turner Architects Limited. The architecture is in British neoclassical style. The underlying part and the second storey were built with granite, the arched doors were lined with granite columns on both sides. A tower was set in the center on the seventh floor. The building was occupied by U.S. Navy in 1946. After Liberation, the people's government took over the building, and the Shanghai People's Broadcasting Station moved into this building. In October 1996, the Shanghai People's Broadcasting Station moved to Hongqiao Road Broadcasting House. Now the building is occupied by Shanghai Radio and TV Corporation.

The building on the right is No.29 on the Bund, formerly Calyon Bank Building, now the Everbright Bank Building. The stunted appearance of this building makes it somewhat unattractive, however, according to the architectural experts' comments, it is a rare pure French architecture in Shanghai. The building's facade is in French Baroque style. The top of the entrance door was ornamented with Baroque plateresque waves. The central parts of the second and third storeys were decorated with Ionic columns. The window lintels, balconies and cornice on the second storey were all in French and Baroque style. Calyon Bank went out of business in 1956, then Shanghai Housing Authority took over the building. For a period of time it was leased by Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Transportation Department. The Everbright Bank got access to this building in 1996.

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