Astor House Hotel, or Pujiang Hotel, formerly Richards Hotel

  Astor House Hotel(Pujiang Hotel), formerly Richards Hotel, established by the Richard's family in 1846. This hotel was the first western hotel all over China since Shanghai became a trading port. The hotel was moved to where it is now on the north end of Waibaidu Bridge (formerly Weiersi Bridge) and renamed to Astor House Hotel in 1857. The hotel was extended to neoclassical structure with Victorian Baroque style in 1907(designed by Davies & Thomas, Civil Engineers & Architects), hence it became the most deluxe western hotel in Shanghai and one of the best in China and the Far East. The British philosopher Russell stayed at room 310 of this building in 1920, the great scientist Einstein stayed at room 304 in 1922, and the famous comedian Chaplin stayed at room 401 in 1931 and 1936.
Many a time in this house the "first in Shanghai" was created, including: the first utilization of coal gas in Shanghai in 1867, the successful lighting up of Shanghai's first electric light in 1882, the first utilization of tap water in 1883, the first telephone call connected in 1901, the first projection of a semi-phonofilm in 1908, and the first projection of a phonofilm in 1913.
Over the past 150 years, the structure epitomized the historical development of the city of Shanghai, yet it remains its glorious architectural essence.

Address: 1, Huangpu Road, Shanghai

Public Transportation: Metro Line 10; Bus No.: 22, 37, 55, 65, 123, 135, 145, 401, 928

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