1933 Shanghai

  "1933 Shanghai" is a modern complex assembling creative art, art exhibitions, leisure activities, design shows, revelry parties, conferences, performances, boutiques, cuisines and snacks. The complex was transformed from the historic ingeniously decorated abattoir building, an unique Romanesque basilica styled building constructed by the then Shanghai Municipal Council in 1933. Now "1933 Shanghai" has become the large postindustrial lifestyle rendezvous. The building has unusual interior architectural features, including: flowering columns, atriums, air bridges, sky theater, lattice windows and spiral staircases. By the end of 2010, "1933 Shanghai" has already successfully held the following major activities: Porsche 60th years anniversary exhibition, PGI China 10th years anniversary, Nike sky cage basketball game, Ferrari F1 event, Coca cola annual dinner, Oxford/Combridge/MIT/HEC joint alumni gathering, Royal salute polo tounament gala dinner, Design conference Paris, Royal asiatic society 150th anniversary, etc.

Address: No.611, Liyang Road (near Haining Road)

Public Transportation: Metro Line 4, 10; Bus No.: 6, 14, 17, 25, 55, 61, 63, 100, 123, 145, 147, 576, 910

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