Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

  Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, located in Tilanqiao area of Shanghai's Hongkou District, serves as a witness commemorating the phase of history when the Jewish refugees lived in Shanghai. During 1937-1941, as a "Noah's Ark", the "Designated Area for Stateless Refugees" in Tilanqiao area of Shanghai (bordered on the west by Gongping Road, on the east by Tongbei Road, on the south by Huimin Road, and on the north by Zhoujiazui Road) accepted around 20,000 Jewish refugees fleeing from Nazi persecution in Europe, they lived harmoniously with local citizens and survived the then Holocaust in Europe. In March 2007, the People's Government of Hongkou District renovated Ohel Moshe Synagogue (a synagogue in Shanghai built by Russian Jews where the Jewish refugees gathered for religious rites during the Second World War), restored it to its former architectural style in 1928 and transformed it into Jewish Refugees Museum. By means of videos, pictures, replicas, models, and multimedia display, the Museum vividly depicted the historic traces of Jewish refugees' lives in China during the Second World War.

Address: No.62, Changyang Road

Public Transportation: Metro Line 4; Bus No.: 13, 22, 28, 47, 137, 155

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