Fudan University

  Fudan University, initially known as "Fudan Public School", was the first modern institute founded by Chinese in 1905. In 1917, Fudan Public School began to offer undergraduate programs and officially renamed itself Fudan University. Now Fudan has been expanded to a full-fledged university with 28 departments and 70 undergraduate disciplines, covering philosophy, economics, law, pedagogics, literature, history, physics, medicine, engineering and management. On 27th, April, 2000, Fudan officially merged with Shanghai Medical University (an institute built in 1927), which made Fudan a brand new Fudan. Currently Fudan confers bachelor's degrees in 70 disciplines, master's degrees in 229 disciplines, and doctoral degrees in 24 Level I and 154 Level II disciplines. Fudan has four main campuses: the Main campus(220, Handan Road), Jiangwan campus(2005, Songhu Road), Fenglin campus(158, Yixueyuan Road) and Zhangjiang campus(825, Zhanghen Road), taking up a total area of about 2,443,200 square meters.

Address: No.220, Handan Road

Public Transportation: Metro Line 10; Bus No.: 59, 99, 102, 133, 139, 168, 848, 854, 942, 966

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