Shanghai Lanxin Theatre

  Shanghai Lanxin Theatre, built in 1931, was the most advanced theater and luxury place of entertainment in Shanghai at the time. In here, concerts, dramas, singing and dancing were often performed by western troupes, and sometimes films were also projected. In October 1952, the theater's name was changed to Shanghai Art Theatre. In 1991, it was rebuilt, redecorated, and restored its original name Lanxin Theatre. During the innovation, modern advanced equipments were introduced, but the theater's original architectural style of the Italian renaissant mansion was still retained. In 1993, all the members of the 11th Inter-Action Council were entertained here, among them were former British Prime Minister Edward Heath, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and other former leaders of the world. Many of the famous Chinese old artists such as Mei Lanfang, Zhou Xinfang, Yu Chen-fei, Yuan Xuefen, Fu Quanxiang, Fan Ruijuan, Ding Shi-E, Xiao Wenyan, Zhao Dan, Qin Yi, Zhu Xijuan, Zhou Xiaoyan, etc. have been here performing their talents.

Address: At the intersection of South Maoming Road and Changle Road

Public Transportation: Metro Line 1, 10; Bus No.: 26, 41, 49, 167, 911, 926

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