Shanghai Baiyunguan Temple

  The White Cloud Temple, namely 'Bai Yun Guan' in Chinese, is a famous Taoist temple built towards the end of the Qing Dynasty, which is also the place where the current Shanghai Taoist Association and the Taoist Culture Research Center are located. Presently the well preserved constructions includes: Ling Palace, LingXiao Palace, LaoJun Hall, LeiZu Hall, and so on. And there are seven bronze statues created during the Ming Dynasty, in which are five 177cm high statues of Heaven Soldiers, two 175cm high statues of Heavenly Master Zhang and Celestial Master Xu, the manners of all these statues are elegant, dignified, kind and majestic, they are exquisite castings and rated the top grade in China.
Address: No.239, Dajing Road (near Renmin Road)
Traffic: Metro Line 8; Bus No.: 11, 135, 217, 220, 401, 517, 736, 911, 920, 940

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